Saturday, August 1, 2015

10 Throwback Arts and Crafts from the 90's

Sit back, relax and prepare to feel all types of artistic nostalgia. 
Here is 10 throwback art and crafts from the 90's. Cool Dude...
1. Magic Spin Art
This is a timeless toy that's pretty fun for kids. I never had one and that was probably because it was the so messy but just seeing it still brings back all the feels. Although this didn't take much skill or thought to it, it did the trick for getting kids interested in art. 

2. The Classic Art Starter Kit
Every kid into art in the 90's should recognize this bad boy. It was the stereotypical art kit that was always given at Christmas or birthdays. It wasn't a bad collection of art supplies although the tips of those markers were a tad on the fuzzy side.

3. Kid Pix
If you had computer class and were at all electronically savvy, your free time was with this lovely program. It helped turn anyone into a regular graphic artist. Plus it made some pretty fun sounds when you tried to undo things or use any on of their funky stamps.

4. Gel Pens
I am not going to lie on this one, I wish I still had some gel pens. Even though you spend half of your time shaking them so they would work, when they did work it really jazzed up your homework or notes to your BFF like nothing else could. 

5. Lisa Frank
I think I had a folder just like this activity book. If you had Lisa Frank you were ahead of the game with style points. Plus if you were bored of listening to your teacher the bright neon colors were great to stare at and zone out. 

6. Glitter Glue
What an fabulously messy and never drying product! Try giving these to a child and telling them to go wild, then don't touch their art for pretty much 3 days or it will smear everywhere and never come off. Nothing like finishing a piece of work and barely breathing and having it smudge the whole thing. Plus the air pockets inside would cause it to burst out in big chunks instead of gracefully. Yet I still kept coming back to them. Fun times! 

7. Magnadoodle
These were some of the smartest art tools a kid could have in the 90's. You could draw your masterpiece and then no messy clean up for the parent!  You couldn't lose the pen because it was always attached by a string which I always dragged it around by (I am sure that's not what it was intended for). Be sure not the step on them though or you'll be stuck with a permanent footprint on all of your art!

8. Crayola Stamp Markers
This seriously makes me smile just looking at these. I was obsessed with these wonderful stamp markers. I would draw a house or a dog and the rest of the 75% of the blank paper would be covered in kisses and hearts. You could use them to color too but you really had to smash them hard and risk losing the shape and that was something I really wasn't willing to gamble on. They were my babies.

9. Stacking Stationary Crayon
     I pretty much made that name up but you all know what it's about. It was a 3 in 1 fine tipped crayon and was super fun for multicolored letters. It even came equipped with a handy cap. Make sure you don't lose any of the pieces though or the whole thing is useless. So tell that to a kid. Don't lose any of it. Other than that this was great!

10. Lite Brite
Oh how I envied my best friend and her Lite Brite. I always thought the possibilities were endless and magical but alas I never was fortunate to had one of my own. I do remember her letting me use it once but she wasn't very thrilled because its not a very two person friendly object. But oh how it glows your work to life!

                   Grand Finale: Watch this and really take it back.....I promise you won't regret it.

Until Tomorrow - Dream Away
Samantha Menzo

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