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How to Create Color Schemes from past memories.

Don't you just LOVE the faded colors in this image?! I wish I could easily create a color scheme from this image.....OH WAIT I CAN!

Anyone who has ever been on Pintrest raise your hand! Pintrest is a great site/app where you can "pin" things from the internet and save them on boards for later. It's great for ideas and inspiration....but you already knew that because I am sure you raised your hand.

I of my favorite things to pin on Pintrest is color schemes and color inspiration. People take an image and pull the colors from the photos to create beautiful and unique color schemes!  I have use many of these in the past for my painting and even just coloring for fun. Below are a few examples of FUN color schemes.

Looking at all these wonderful color schemes gave me the idea that I could create my own! I began to think of specific memories. The first thing that cam to my mind was my best friend growing up and swimming in the summer outside at her house. I immediately went right back there. I made this color scheme from the little things I could remember about those times.

3. Summers with Lauren

I don't know how much I like the colors together but I have very specific memories attached to each color and they all have meanings which I really enjoy. 

-The light gray is for the concrete in her driveway.
- The orange is for the Kraft mac and cheese (characters) we would have for lunch.
-The bright blue was for the bottom of the poo.l
- Green for the super healthy long grass I remember them always having.
- Faded brown for the privacy fence that was between her and our favorite neighbors.
- Ruby red for the color of their van parked in the driveway.

I smile when seeing this color scheme. Why wouldn't I always do this for coming up with my paintings colors?! So much meaning and nobody even needs to know except me!

Then I decided to try to recreate memories from old pictures I had. Which was even easier! 
Here are two that I came up with......

2. Christmas with my younger brother

Wasn't I cute!? Yeah I know, my brother is cuter. Look at that cheese face! He is moving across country next week so everyone leave a nice comment saying good luck! I will miss him very much so I definitely wanted to choose a picture with him in it and I love this old Christmas picture of us.
I was pleasantly pleased with how the color scheme came out.

1. Hall's nursery going away party

Before I got a job at the glass gallery Habatat Galleries, I worked for a lovely family owned plant nursery in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, They are called Hall's Nursery and click the link to check them out! I only worked for them one summer but when I told them I was leaving they threw me a going away party and I was so surprised and grateful at how nice the family was to their employees, This picture was taken at Hall's during that picnic and I loved the colors so I choose this image to create a color scheme with as well. 

You can easily create color scheme based on memories or pictures from the past just as I did. You can create it on you palette as you color or on the computer like the examples shown above. You can use  the paint program that comes on your computer or Photoshop (if you are more tech savvy). Simply open up your image in the programs and then use the dropper tool to pull color from the image and then you can create color blocks on the side or bottom of your image. Use as many or as few colors as you want just have FUN with it! 

What do you think? Are you inspired to create your own color schemes? What memories would you choose? Let me know your thoughts and questions in the comment box and don't forget to Subscribe!

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