Thursday, July 30, 2015

10 Ways To Make More Time For Art.

  Finding time for art can be hard. Here is a list of 10 ways you can find more time for art!

1. Set Deadlines and Due Dates
     Setting goals and deadlines is crucial for making sure you set aside even a small amount of time dedicated to art. It could be a goal of everyday do something whether it's working on that pencil drawing you've been trying to finish for weeks or doing a small doodle on a napkin while out at the bar with friends. Whatever your goals are make sure you stick to them!! 

2. Cut out watching T.V.
Ever since I cut TV out of my life I have been so much more productive and in turn, HAPPY! I feel more accomplished and I couldn't believe how much time I wasted getting sucked into brainwashing shows. If you can't seem to completely ditch the screen, set limits on how long you can watch or only turn on the TV to watch the shows you actually like. NO MORE CHANNEL SURFING! How much art time would you have if you cut TV out of your to do list?

3. Get OFF your phone!
Similar to cutting our TV is the ever more important....getting off you phone. Today's society is so motivated by social media and using phones to communicate. Using your phone while in a waiting office or as a passenger in a long car ride is one thing; Laying in bed or on the couch for hours just mindlessly on your phone is something that happens much too often. Just being aware of the amount of time you are on our phone can help. If you plan to be on your phone to play a game look a the time you start and end and realizing how much time you wasted might help so next time you choose to use that time better.

4.  Meditate - Take 5
             Meditation is very important to me and I it is one of my best tools for finding time for things. That might seem backwards...."How can I find time for things by spending time doing something else?" Well here is the secret: Meditating and allowing your mind and body to take a breath or two from all the overwhelming thoughts and stimulus that it receives each day allows you to "slow down time". Meditating for even five minutes can help center you and by ridding yourself of pointless thoughts...I PROMISE it will be easier to find time for more art.

5. Dress like an artist - Feel like an artist
Now this doesn't mean you have to shave the side of your head or wear crazy vintage clothing. Dressing like an artist is helpful because if you feel inspired by your confidence you will have a higher WANT to make time instead of guilt yourself into making time. This can also help with the quality of work you produce. Feel Good Art Good. So if you have a certain sweater that makes so you to write or a favorite pair of sneakers that remind you of learning watercolors.....Flaunt it!

6. Carry a notebook or sketchbook
I have always carried some sort of notepad or mini sketchbook with me. you never know when you get 15 minutes and can create a sketch that inspires a new piece! By making sure you always have something to write or draw on you will be so surprised at all the extra time you have in a day for some art making!

7. Make Lists
I am an avid list maker. I make lists for my lists! But what is really great about making lists for your art ideas is that sometimes you might get into your art space and have been successful at creating time for art but can't think of what to make! If you can refer to a list you will ensure that no precious art time be wasted!

8. Surround yourself with people who support you.
This is a harder one to achieve instantly. But take a look at the people who you surround yourself with. Do they encourage your art? If you told them you wanted to take time away from them to do art how would they react? If the answer involves you making time for art (which I assume is something you love) then CONGRATS! If the answer is anything else you might want to reevaluate why they are in your life. Surround yourself with those who help you be the best you can be and the happiest you can be!

9. Wake up and Before Sleep.
If I step back and look at the times in my day where I waste the most time it is in the morning and right before bed. This is ironic because those are also the times when I feel I can produce my best work or even ideas. Do you agree with this for your own life? I think most people would agree. With that said try and pick either the morning or night where you specifically set aside time for art. Try to fit extra time in your day for things then verses in the middle of the day might be easier and more consistent in reaching goals!

Make sure that whatever you are doing or creating that you are enjoying it as well. What is so awesome about being an artist is that creating is such a fulfilling task. We are so lucky to be able to do something we love and enjoy and if what you are making ever takes away from that then you will not WANT to make time. Making sure you have fun with art is one of the best ways to motivate you to make time!

Well there you have it, 10 ways to make more time for art! 
What are some of the ways you make more time for art and is there anything in my list that you already use?
Let me hear some of your thoughts!

Until Tomorrow - Dream Away
Samantha Menzo


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