Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Inside Cloud Nine Studios - Making Greeting Cards

The last two days have been SUPER productive! I spend the majority of the last two days off from my gallery job in my own studio kicking out work that I plan to display at the DIY ART FAIR next month. I thought today I would bring you inside my studio and show you how I made this fun Michigan watercolor greeting cards.

Supplies you'll need:

                   Watercolor paper


 Acrylic Paint Markers (Fine Tip suggested)

Let's Get Started:

I started by measuring my blank greeting card 1/2 inch smaller on each side to come up with the dimensions for my watercolor piece. Mine ended up being 3 x 5 (my greeting card was 4 x 6 in).
I then cut out 20 or so watercolor pieces at these dimensions. I now had my template.

Next I used my painter's tape and taped the edges down on a flat surface. This is because watercolor causes the edges to curl up and this ensures that your paper stays as flat as possible. I applied some watercolor to the paper how ever I felt looked nice for each piece. GET CREATIVE!  I decided I liked the look of flicking white over the top of the watercolor for another layer. Feel free to do whatever you like!
Next I traced the Michigan mitten on the lower right hand corner with a fine tip pen. I painted it in with different acrylic paint markers depending on the colors I used for that particular card!

After I had made a good number if card covers I took my watercolor pieces and my blank greeting cards outside. I sprayed the adhesive to the back of the watercolor cover and placed it in the center of the blank cards.

I had such a good time making these cards! You really can do so many things and they are a great little item that should sell fairly easily. I will be so pleased to show off these little items at the DIY Art Fair next month and I just know that having smaller and lower priced items along with the rest of my inventory will really be key in having a successful booth.

One of my biggest tips with this project is really make sure that your watercolor piece is completely dry before tracing your Michigan stencil. If you want to speed up the process, using a hair dryer on a warm low setting helps a ton!

I hope you enjoyed a look inside my studio today and hope I have inspired you to make some of these great watercolor greeting cards! What would you put on your cards?

Let me know what you think be commenting below and have a wonderful day!

Until Tomorrow - Dream Away
Samantha Menzo

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  1. thank you for featuring the photo of my vintage watercolor tin in your post.

    1. Thanks for coming and checking out the blog!


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