Monday, August 3, 2015

Do your Dreams influence your Art?

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Good afternoon everyone! I am getting a little bit of a late start today. I didn't sleep in that much but we had breakfast for lunch and I laid around a lot avoiding laundry and other chores. I am very lucky to have Monday's off. It's an extra Sunday for me!

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I want to bring up a topic today that means a lot to me and I know I will only be skimming the surface. DREAMS. I have always been a very lucid dreamer ever since I was a child. I remember very vivid details and even smells and colors of things while I am dreaming. 

At a very young age I started writing down my dreams. I have a bin full of journals packed with dreams. Writing my dreams down has created a stronger muscle for recalling my dreams when I awake.  You might be thinking why am I bringing this up in the Art Blog?

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Dreams are windows inside your subconscious. If you are someone lucky enough to remember your dreams being able to express them through art is a blessing. But WAIT maybe you don't realize you are already creating your art from dream inspiration. Take a look at your recent work and compare them to your last dreams you can recall. Do they seem to connect? 

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My art is very influenced by my dreams at night or even day dreams which I also have plenty of. That's were the idea from my business name comes from. I want all of my artwork to be a refection of my dreams and daydreams. I want them to make you feel so happy and surreal that you could say they take you to cloud nine. Where anything you dream I can create and anything I create I have dreamed.

How do your dreams influence your art? Has this blog opened your eyes to this thought or are you already creating through your subconscious recalls? Do you never remember your dreams and want to learn how to begin to? Let me know your thoughts!

Until Tomorrow - Dream Away
Samantha Menzo

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Dream Journal made from recycled handmade paper with Moon Tree design by Cliffwatcher

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          Fleetwood Mac - Dreams

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Benjamin Moore's Bear Creek


  1. Wonderfully written! Thank you so much for featuring my photography. I greatly appreciate it. And I absolutely love your shop name! :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by and checking it out! I loved your shop and was excited to use your photography.

      Come back anytime and have a great day!

      Dream Away
      Samantha Menzo
      Cloud Nine Studios


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