Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Your ego is not your amigo!


       Today is the day! Our first meet up for Artist's Talking Art. I have been so excited and jotting down ideas and things to cover all morning. I am nervous but in a good way because I know that I will be talking and guiding most of what happens tonight until we establish a flow for the group. I am very outgoing and never had a hard time talking in front of people but I still get butterflies leading up to it.

       I am expecting a handful of people from what the Facebook group event is telling me. We have different types of artists too which I will be interested to see how everyone interacts. I am hoping to get a good introduction of the people who come tonight and with their help hash out some parameters and topics we want to cover.

      But I want to talk about something that happened to me today. This quote really relates to it and pushed me to bring it up in the blogs.

      Someone laughed in my face today. I was so excited about sharing my group and the fact that we are meeting for the first time today. I explained what the group would be about and the name and they laughed very loudly and honestly. I was so hurt. Why would someone laugh and mock me? Even if they did think it was silly it was obvious that I was thrilled about it. Why would someone want to put down my radiating happiness!

       Did I yell? Did I cry? NO. (although I did have to hold back some tears). I held my composure fairly well. I wanted to scream and yell and tell them how rude it was, but I didn't. Everyone is allowed to feel however they want and say whatever they want. I choose how to react to it.

         I know that there will be people along the way who tell me I will fail. There will be people that try and knock my ideas and efforts down. I will not let people change my feelings or love for what I do. For every 1 person who stands in my way I will surround myself with 100 more who support and care for me.

          I am checking my ego at the door. 

        PHEW! Well I feel a lot better. Thanks for letting me get that out. (Not like you really had a choice haha)  That's all I have for today. It doesn't really cover art but it does cover being true to yourself and never giving up, which is huge for creating art and selling art. There is art in everything we do and everything we do is art.

Until Tomorrow - Dream Away
Samantha Menzo

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  1. You have come far my little artist. You are so young and so wise. You are absolutely correct in your feelings and the acceptance of others. How you handle these kind of situations will only make you shine even brighter. I am overwhelmed with pride and joy for you Samantha. Your biggest fan!

    1. Thank you for reading it and that you support me so such!


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