Sunday, August 9, 2015

My 4 kind of movies that INSPIRE ME!

I have been in the mood to watch some movies lately. Movies that I have already seen multiple times. Movies that INSPIRE me to create.I thought, that's an interesting topic for the blogs! I have mentioned before that I do not watch TV and I find that very important for myself and staying on track with my day. I am an all or nothing girl so it's hard to just watch an episode or two of something. Once I realized this and cut TV out completely I have been much happier and definitely more productive. 

But LOVE to watch movies. I don't do it often but when I get to watch a movie that really connects with me I am in my element. Something stirs up in me and I am motivated to make art! I have a hard time sitting still though so if I watch a movie at home I often find myself sketching or working on an existing project during the movie. Sometimes I can even look back on a piece of artwork and remember what movie I watched when I was working on it.

What kind of movies inspire me the most? I would say I have FOUR major kind of movies that really get me into the creative art making mood

. So let's start with #4. HOLLYWOOD CLASSICS. I have had a love of old movies ever since I was a little girl. I really don't know where it came from but I use to fall asleep to Turner Classic Movie channel on my TV all night long. I would sing old songs and practice impressions of actors like Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire, Greta Garbo, Rock Hudson, Doris Day....I could go on forever. There is something about an old movie that instantly inspires me to think and create art. What are some of your favorite Hollywood Classics?

This one may be obvious but maybe you are an artistic but get nothing out of artistic movies. Well I definitely do and some of my favorite movies of all time are the cliche artistic movies. I really latch onto a movie that uses all of the outlets for art. Wes Anderson is one of the best known artistic directors and most all of his movies really do the trick. The Life Aquatic and Moonrise Kingdom being my top two. I love Eternal Sunshine for the spotless mind, not only is it acted by two great actors but the color schemes and camera work flip a switch in my brain when I sit down and watch it. Anyone want to recommend a great artsy flick to me? I could use some new material. :]

I am a big reader and nothing is more exciting then hearing that your book is being turned into a movie! When I was a kid and gripped by the Harry Potter series like everyone else it was my world to go see the pages I had read put up on the big screen. Since then I am not sure if anything else comes close or ever will but there have been  a few really great books into movies. Not always is the movie as inspirational as the book but it is still fun to see someone put colors and sound to the story you imagined in your own head. 

#1. Disney Classics and Animated Movies
I use to feel so embarrassed to admit how excited I was to go see a new animated movie in theaters over other movies. Now I don't care I will shout it from the rooftops. Animated movies have really come a long way and nothing gets me more inspired for art then a good cartoon. Disney classics are probably my number one go to for putting on a film while making some art. Maybe the fact that I don't really need to watch it and I can see it in my mind so I can concentrate on what I am working on. I think it has to do a lot with bringing out my inner kid. My inner kid is highly creative and sometimes I forget how to play and be imaginative like my inner kid can. So Disney Classics and Animated Movies are my biggest film inspirations!

Man I had a lot of fun making today's blog! I hope you enjoyed reading it. Now that you know what kinds of movies really get me inspired what are some of yours? Do we have any in common or are you the wildly action packed adventure movie lover? I love me some action but I wouldn't say it makes me want to make art. What are your thoughts?

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