Sunday, July 19, 2015

What does your favorite color say about you?

      We made it! Other then my car breaking and delaying us for hours everything went well!  (wipes brow and shrugs shoulders).  As I sit here finally relaxing after setting up our site, I realized how overwhelmed by pink I am.  My shirt is pink, my chair is pink, my shorts are pink, my cup is pink and my bag is pink!


         It got me thinking about how many times my favorite color has changed.  My favorite color currently is pink (if you didn't get that) but it hasn't always been that way.  In fact I use to hatey the color! I have gone through so many phases as I am sure most people do.  But how can someone love orange one year and want nothing to do with it another?

        Why do people feel the need to have a favorite  color away? Studies have proven that colors make you feel differently and can even cause you to think certain ways. Orange triggers hunger and lavender is a naturally calming hue for example. So I think people enjoy identifying themselves with certain colors according to their personalities or phases they might be in their life.

          Another thought is that because of my personality that thrives on change and spontaneity, it may be a good explanation for my color preferences changing so often. Am I alone on this or do others relate more to my grandmother who has practically favored the color turquoise her whole life. Everything she is drawn to is turquoise and she decorates most of her house in that color.

         I am quickly understanding that this is a complex topic to discuss. I am very fascinated by color and will have to come back and dive deeper later in the blogs.

          Until then let us take a moment to think about why your favorite color is your favorite color if you have one at all. What do you think it says about your personality?

For me I feel pink describes: 
A bubbly and positive personality with a love of life and vivid imagination.

                                           Until tomorrow -  Dream Away
                                                   Samantha Menzo
                                                  Cloud Nine Studios


  1. I am having that with blue - cobalt blue right now. everything around me and that I purchase or like is this blue. I will research why. very interesting. I have gone thru many phases with, burgundy, purple...all at different times of my life. Blue, interesting....

  2. Really I LOVE Colbalt blue but I can't ever really say that it's been my favorite but I have noticed that I grab for that color first over all others when I am painting.....wonder why? Thanks for commenting it is so helpful!!


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