Thursday, July 16, 2015

Why Daily Blogs?

     Here we are yet again. Day 2 and I am feeling so excited for where this blog might take me. I want to take today's blog to talk about why I am choosing to do a Daily Blog, which might seem very ambitious to some people. Crazy even.

     I have already mentioned that I am an all or nothing, go big or go home kinda gal. If I intend to give something 50% of my efforts I mostly give 0%. If I intend to give 100% I most likely give 120%. So Setting a goal of blogging everyday was really my only way of trying to make this a successful en devour.

    Studies show that if you do something everyday for 21 days in a row it becomes a habit! I have definitely found this to be true. For example, this month will mark 2 years that I was quit smoking and I can say that after that first 21 days it was easy breezy! If you are trying to quit smoking I highly recommend meditation and yoga, although I do understand the everyone is different and this techniques might not prove helpful for everyone, it sure did the trick for me! I follow yoga girl on Facebook and if you want to get your feet wet with the idea she is a great source of inspiration.

Another huge reason I decided to do a Daily Blog was I have been inspired by a famous YouTube vlogger and his family. "The Shaytards." Shay Carl started out from nowhere in a small town in Idaho and decided to make a Vlog everyday for a year. He has now been vlogging for over 6 years and created a career beyond his wildest dreams doing what he loves. I watch his videos constantly and am always inspired to go above and beyond with everything I do from his example.

So why can't I start a Daily Blog? What's so hard about sitting down for maybe an hour everyday and talking about whatever I want! That sounds pretty appealing to me. 

Before I go I want to let you know about Artists Talking Art! I officially made a Facebook group and have many people who are already very interested in the idea of the group. I have set an event date for our first meet up and couldn't be more excited to get this ball rolling. I will be very open to suggestions and definitely will want this group to morph into whatever it needs to be. I want a group where I can talk about art with others interested in art. 

Hopefully you enjoyed this second blog although I doubt I have anyone reading it just yet. But a girl can dream! 

Samantha Menzo

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