Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Apologies and studio session sneak peaks.

       How do I even begin this blog.  I am sorry sounds like a good start.  I really tried my best to blog while I was away but the area I was in did not allow me to keep my commitment and I feel deeply guilty for breaking a promise so quickly.  All I can say is that I am back and ready to make this the most amazing blog I can! The good thing is there probably isn't even anyone actually reading this yet so hopefully I have only disappointed myself. 


     Anyways I got to get into my studio today after what felt like an eternity. I knocked out a larger oil painting that is abstract.  I needed to feel the paint and hear whatever colors I wanted to on my canvas without too much thought.  It was really freeing and a great warm up to finish another littler piece I've been working on the is below. The Michigan piece is now available on my Etsy shop just click this link to see more. 

      This piece was painted with oil paint around do the border first and then I let it dry. I sketched the Michigan and the tree. I then took a wood burner and burned the design with three different tips. I have only been working with wood burning for around a year now but I really love give g pieces another depth. Also the feel of burner wood, not to mention the smell, is amazing! If you have always wanted to try it but never knew how I highly recommend it. It is very affordable and you can get a starter kit from your local craft store for most likely under 20 dollars. 

   I would really love to hear from someone and know what I can  blogging about is relevant or interesting  to you or not. I would even love to hear suggestions on how to make it better and topics you might like to hear me discuss.  ANYONE OUT THERE!?! well if there is I appreciate you taking the time out to read this. You get a gold star today!  

        Tomorrow I will be more in depth about a topic but I just wanted today to be quick and to the point. I'm sorry I did not blog while I was away and check out some work from today's studio session. 

    Until tomorrow - Dream Away
Samantha Menzo

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