Thursday, July 30, 2015

Finding Time for Art.

    Hello! Last night I unfortunately wrote out an entire blog and then when I went to post it and the whole blog deleted!! I was so upset. I stayed up just to make sure I could get one out and I couldn't stay up anymore. So here we are. What should we talk about today? 

                                              TIME TIME WHOSE GOT THE TIME!?!?!

Yesterday I had such a busy day. I had my first day back at work after being off for almost 2 weeks. After that I spend a few hours in a car dealership with my grandmother and father and I took home a new 2015 Ford Escape (which I named Ruby for her color). By the time I got home I was exhausted and just wanted to curl up in bed and play on my phone or tablet. 

      Instead I decided to hit my studio for at least an hour. Now whenever I plan to do this most of the time one of two things normally happen. I either sit down and end up getting sucked into something for much longer than I planned messing up my schedule for things afterwards, or I sit there trying to start or work on something for only an hour and end up wasting my time and getting nothing done.

         Yesterday neither of those two things happened! It was a great breakthrough with me and my art. As I wrote about in a recent blog I am planning on doing the Ferndale DIY Art Festival. So I have two months or so to come up with a comfortable amount of stock inventory to do well. I think mentality has really effected my work process for the better. Finding time to do art when there is no reason to other then personal satisfaction is much harder for me than when I have due dates and time lines that I need to meet.

        Finding time for art can be hard even if it is something that you want to do. Setting goals and deadlines is crucial for making sure you set aside even a small amount of time dedicated to art. It could be a goal of everyday do something whether it's working on that pencil drawing you've been trying to finish for weeks or doing a small doodle on a napkin while out at the bar with friends. Whatever your goals are make sure you stick to them!! This will make it easier to find time for art.

I am obviously no expert on this subject but I can tell you what has worked and not worked for me. What are some of your problems or struggles with finding time for art? Is it a young baby taking up your time and focus? Is it your strong will to procrastinate or distract yourself with other things? No matter what the excuse for finding time for you and your art I have come up with this list to help you FIND TIME!

I am going to create another post today to make up for yesterday giving you a list of ways to help you find time to make art!

Stay Tuned! - Dream Away!

Samantha Menzo

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