Saturday, July 18, 2015

How To Art While Traveling.

     Hello and what a beautiful day! I have so many things I want to talk about in this blog it's hard to pick and choose what to focus on day to day. Today is the last day I will be in my hometown for the next week! (I know why would anyone start a DAILY blog and then go away for a week) but I will continue posting although the times I post might be inconsistent due to lack of service and time.

ANYWAYS! Tonight I will be packing clothes and other things for my week gone....which started me thinking about I and how other artists pack their art supplies for a trip.

(Image above is a quick little sketch I made when camping last month by the fireside.)

       Creating art while away on vacation is one of my favorite times to use my imagination in a new way! I love my little studio but sometimes getting out of my normal environment and seeing and smelling new things is just the thing my brain needs to explode with creative love!

Some of my traveling art essentials are:

Micron Pens or Fiber Castell
Ultra Fine Tip Colored Sharpie Markers
Hard cover spiral notebook
Mechanical Pencils
Acrylic Paint Markers
Book Light

The great thing about my list of traveling art supplies is that they all fit in a small tote bag that I can keep separate from my luggage and when in a car, plane or even train I have the ability to art it up!

I use to have a hard time with making art or even doodling if I can't finish it or I didn't feel it is living up to the certain standard I try to hold for my work. I have gotten better recently with just making what I can make, where I can make it. Sometimes the silliest doodle marks or ugliest sketches turn into the best ideas! So whether you are at home in your normal art spot or even on an adventure in the woods with a friend, if you feel inspired to create...then CREATE!

(This is not my work but an example of what my painted lady bug rock looked like)

I was just away last weekend for example and I found this perfectly round rock. I reminded me of a cute little lady bug. So I took out my amazing acrylic art markers and painted to entire rock to be just that. I little lady bug. I had unfortunately forgotten to take any pictures as I didn't think it was that great but I made another twin lady bug and gave it to two little girls who were camping with us. They loved them so much that they were inspired to create their own rock creatures!!! We pulled out the crayons and got to work. We had so much fun thinking of what animals certain rocks could be and I was surprised how many they knocked out in such a small time. 

So whether you are already a traveling art pro or just now interested in packing some supplies for the next time you travel.... Art is everywhere and can be made everywhere. You may not even think of who you might inspire by thinking out of the box in a new environment. So I challenge you to bring along your favorite crayons or markers and make art in a new way in a new place!

For those of you who do make art while away, What does your traveling art tote consist of?
What are some of your favorite creations or experiences you have made away from home?

Until Tomorrow - Dream Away!

Samantha Menzo

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