Thursday, September 10, 2015

Where do you do your best thinking?

Where do you do your best thinking? Is it in the shower, in the car, when meditating, or maybe it's when you're exercising? Do you think the best when you first wake up, or right before bed? Do you have any habits that help get you to this great thinking place daily? Do you use your best thinking space to it's full potential or just use it to unleash the minds to-think list?

I am a thinker of thinking and I think about my thinks. My mind is always restless and as I get older I become better at sorting out the crap from the productive inner monologues. (Which I believe is actually one of the key signs you have entered adulthood.) Either way, my mind is ALWAYS on overdrive. Which is why I find calm rainy days, meditation, and journals to be so helpful. But where and when do I get my thinking accomplished?

When I get my best thinking accomplished is very late at night. I tend to get the newest ideas and thoughts right as I am about to drift into sleepyland. I am most relaxed and least restless at this time. This sometimes proves as a problem because if I am just about to fall asleep and I get a great BIG IDEA I am now awake and wanting to further explore the thought. Also I don't want to forget the dream but if I get up to write it down for later I am now awake and restless again. 

I have come up with three things that I do when I get a great idea right before bed!

1. I allow myself to think about it but give a time limit and stick to it. I have found that trying to ignore the thought to force sleep is frustrating and ends in broken sleep. Allowing the thought to enter and explore it helps fall asleep easier and possibly even dream about the thought! But I HAVE to make sure I stick to my time limit so I don't stay up all night on the thought and waste my energy.

2. Come up with a time and place to remember the thought the next day. I do this with dreams as well. If I want to have a dream and remember it, I tell myself I am going to dream and I will remember it tomorrow when I am getting dressed....or whatever I choose. It tends to work most of the time and it works just the same with big ideas before sleeping. 

3. Make sure I write it down or write about it the next day. Late at night is where I get my best thinking time but writing about it is where I get my best productivity with my thoughts. Writing a thought down for me has always helped me solidify it. I have always kept journals of lists, thoughts, doodles, and dreams and being able to go through and put my thoughts down on paper takes it to another level. Also sometimes you have great thoughts but it's bad timing and if you keep record of your thoughts, you might go back to your writings and explode with inspiration from something you thought years ago!

How is your best thinking time and place helping you? Does it help to inspire your creativity? Does it help with new ideas for your business? Does it increase your happiness or productivity? Think about how you can better use that time to accomplish goals or execute the best thoughts! Maybe keeping a notepad in your car, or using your notes app can help. Maybe blogging about your ideas can change your productivity! I know it helps me :] 

If you do you best thinking during therapy how can you use that for your business? If you do your best thinking with friends what can you do when you know you are going to meet with them to make sure you use it to your full advantage? What about nature walks? If you do your best thinking on nature walks and feel most creative, think about bringing a sketchbook! 

My Gemini Sun, Virgo Ascendant is a THINKER. Being ruled by Mercury makes this topic come very naturally to me. I would love to hear your thoughts about my great idea before bed routine. Also what kind of things work best for you and your best thinking space and time? I hope you all have a wonderful day and are inspired to Think Big!

Until Tomorrow - Dream Away
Samantha Menzo

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