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How to turn your dream into a color scheme - Week 2

YIPPEE it's Friday again! This is the second weekly Friday Dream Scheme post. Friday's blog posts are about one of my dreams that I have had either recently or from past years that I recorded in a journal. Then I make a color scheme to go along with the dream! Here we go!

I haven't had any dreams in the recent past, so I decided to go back in my dream records again and revisit one from my past. This was written in my dream journal dated for 
January 15, 2010

       I had a little monkey friend on my right shoulder the whole dream. He looked like a Capuchin monkey. I was managing to float on top of what seemed like an inner-tube and I was in the middle of the ocean. There was a strange unknown man who was following me but couldn't seem to go fast enough to catch me. He kept shouting warnings to me until we entered an area of the ocean with a few tiny islands only big enough to fit one tree. I paddled my way to the center of the area with my hands and feet and I looked back and saw that the man had stopped. He was looking at something.

        Two huge Orca whales and a dolphin  were coming right for me. I was terrified but out of instinct I grabbed one of their dorsal fins and rode it a ways away and then let go. This feeling of being pulled away by the mammal was euphoric. The whole time the monkey remained on my shoulder. I remember feeling like I would fall off my inner-tube but I managed to stay attached to it. That is all I remember.

Here is my dream color scheme! Each color represents a certain part of the dream or feeling the dream gave me. The first color is the blue that represents the ocean. The second color is a brown-grey I see when I think of the monkey on top my shoulder. The third color tan is the general color I get from the small islands and the following fourth color green is the tops of the single trees. The fifth color of light grey was from the feeling of panic I felt when being chased my the man and feeling like I was fall off my tube. Lastly the sixth and final color represents the intense black of the Orca whales.

This is something anyone can do! Write down your dream and create a color scheme from it. Use it to make a meaningful painting for your bedroom or to pick out your outfit for the day. I believe we have dreams to guide us and show us things that are hiding in our subconscious. This is just one way to use the wonderful information your mind has given to you while asleep. 

It's great when I can look back at a dream journal almost 6 years ago and read a dream and perfectly picture the dream as if you had it last night. My dreams are very precious to me and even more so are my dream journals. I can do so much by just looking at one dream I have had. Color schemes are so much fun and easy to make I really recommend trying it yourself.

It was interesting for me to see how my color scheme from last week and this week compare. They ended up being pretty similar because both dreams has very similar feelings of anxiety and euphoric moments. Very little color but when it was present it was vivid. Which is why the green of the trees ended up being so important. If I was to create a painting from this color scheme I would make sure to use the green as the highlights because it is such a contrast from the others.

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Well we did it again! Another week, another color scheme. How are you guys enjoying it? Has anyone had any dreams that they have written down lately? Have you tried this yourself? Let me know in the comments below and maybe I can make a color scheme of one of your dreams! Don't forget to subscribe and everyone have a wonderfully inspiring day!

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