Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tips and Tricks for taking Art Commissions.

Good Morning! What a good morning is it! I woke up a little early today to take a shower and do some morning yoga. I have really missed doing yoga, especially in the morning. It makes my whole day so much better when I get some silence and stretching. It was also very nice to feel the sunrise throughout doing yoga because when I started it was still very dark but by the time I finished the sun was beaming through my blinds. It was lovely.

I have received two new commissions and I started them both yesterday. **Will I ever start a new body of work?!** Oh well, I won't complain about fun commissions and money coming in. The first commission is going to be a gift from the person who is having it made. They sent me a picture of  what looks like an old tattoo of a butterfly. It represents their mother who has passed and I have to create a wine bottle based off this old tattoo. 

I was iffy at how this was going to turn out but I would say I am about half way through and it is looking wonderful! I will post pictures to show you when it is completed. It will be a very thoughtful gift and I love that I knew what they wanted but I still had some artistic freedom with it. Those are the best kinds of commissions. 

The second commission is even more fun and free! I have two beer mugs that my client wants turned into painted "Rick and Morty" pieces. So he gave me total artistic freedom but I just have to base them off of the show. Which I have never seen but I looked into it and it's a rough cartoon from cartoon network. I think I can have a lot of fun with these mugs!

(Rick and Morty Theme Song)

I started the base yesterday of both pieces. One I spray painted a dark navy blue color. The other I sprayed it completely cream and then went back while it was still semi-wet and sprayed the top yellow and blended it into the bottom cream. After looking into some images I have a few ideas for why I chose these colors but I don't want to give away anything yet!

Whenever I get enjoyable commissions I always try and remind myself how lucky I am. I have had some not-so-nice commissions. The hardest part about doing commissions is that the client has something they want and inside their head. Unless they are getting something you already made but in a different color or easy variety of an already produced item, it can be difficult to pull out of their minds exactly what they are looking for.

Another struggle with commissions is pricing. If pricing your work isn't hard enough already, try pricing work that you haven't even started! When taking a commission I always try and give a quote to make sure the client is aware and agrees upon a cost. But it is very hard to calculate how long something might take you and often you can find yourself shorting yourself after the piece is done.

(Great video of Tips and Tricks for Commissions!)

 I good thing to do when accepting commissions is to always ask for half of the agreed price up front. Unfortunately there are a many good number of people who talk a big game and when it comes time to deliver they just disappear. There is nothing worse than never getting paid or not getting paid in full for your time and energy you put into a commission. Asking for half up front makes you feel better that they are more locked into the piece but with not asking for it all up front the client also feels like they have room to wiggle if necessary.

(Another great video of Tips and Tricks for Commissions!)

Commissions can be horror stories or some of an artist's proudest work. Either way learning by trial and error is really the only way to learn when dealing with commissions. I am very grateful to have two at the same time that I am enjoying! How about you? Any commissions you are working on? anyone have any commission horror stories? How about any tips or tricks for accepting commissions? Let me know your thoughts below!

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