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How to turn your dream into a color scheme - Week 3

Happy Friday! It time again for another Dream Scheme Friday! Every Friday I take a dream that I have had recently or from a past dream journal and I turn it into a color scheme. I always have so much fun with my blog on Fridays so let's just get right into it! 

I have really been lacking in the dream department lately which is very unlike me! So let us once again dive deep into my past and open a dream journal to see a dream I had a year ago. This was written in my dream journal on
March 20, 2014

              I was in a school and late for class. I fumbled through my books and things in my hands and locker to find something important like a binder so I could make it to class. I knew i was already too late but I hustled to get there anyway. I stepped inside the classroom that was small with everyone at their desks. The teacher calmly turned toward me it seemed he was expecting this to happen. I stopped & he said, "I wouldn't even bother going any further, it's useless. The building is on fire." Then he smiles still calm and looked to the back of the room in the corner desk their was a candle that had caught the desk on fire. Everyone else looked and when they noticed the candle the room turned into a madhouse. People shoved past me in the doorway and I didn't understand why someone didn't try to put it out for the fire was certainly still containable.

After most everyone made their way out, I did the same....things got fuzzy & I was trying to find my way out of the building. The hallways were all now dangerously aflame and every way I turned I was in harm. Next thing I know I am in a hallway where both sides are completely blocked with fire. I stood & turned toward an entire wall of glass windows. On the outside were all my classmates peering in at me in danger. Someone else was trapped with me but I never saw their face and they always stayed directly behind me. 

A girl from outside came to the window and began trying to break the window with her forehead. It looked insane but after a few tries she managed to break the glass enough for me to kick the rest of it through and create a whole to climb to safety. The most vivid part of the dream was when I reached my freedom it was my favorite weather. It was gloomy and sprinkling rain. I was walking on a sidewalk and looking down at the drops fall and feeling the cold water hit my body and I felt still and calm. That was the end.

This was one of my longer dreams and I felt it was harder to make a color scheme that wasn't all just fire colors but here it is! Each color represents a certain part of the dream or feeling the dream gave me. The first there colors obviously represents the flames from the fire but I wanted to make sure I had a very burnt red and orange and not neon bright colors. The dream fell like fall or damp even for there being fires. The fourth color grey is a very general middle grey to represent the lockers and normal school inside. The fifth color of a grey-brown was from the feeling I got from the being behind me that followed me but I never knew who it was. Lastly the sixth and final color of navy blue is for the calming sensation I felt with the rain hitting me and the weather being so dreary but comforting.

This is something anyone can do! Write down your dream and create a color scheme from it. Use it to make a meaningful painting for your bedroom or to pick out your outfit for the day. I believe we have dreams to guide us and show us things that are hiding in our subconscious. This is just one way to use the wonderful information your mind has given to you while asleep. 

Well there you have it! Another week, another color scheme. How are you guys enjoying it? Has anyone had any dreams that they have written down lately? Have you tried this yourself? Let me know in the comments below and maybe I can make a color scheme of one of your dreams! Don't forget to subscribe and everyone have a wonderfully inspiring day!

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