Friday, October 9, 2015

How to turn your dream into a color scheme - Week 4

It FRIDAY! It time again for another Dream Scheme Friday! Every Friday I take a dream that I have had recently or from a past dream journal and I turn it into a color scheme. Friday's blog always gets me inspired and ready to go into an art-filled weekend. Let's Begin!

   We are reaching back into the past again to a dream journal entry that I actually can't remember! Almost every single entry I can retrieve the imagery instantly as I read it and it is like I had the dream the night before. There are only a handful of dreams I do not remember and this is one of them. Also the dream stops so abruptly that I thought it was interesting enough for the blog! This was written in my dream journal on
Tuesday February 28th, 2011

    I was standing on a platform in the clouds and it lowered me down dramatically like an elevator. When it finally reached the ground my closest friends and I are standing in an "Avatar-like" field. There were close to 50 mere-cats dancing together in the magical grass behind a jeep. We walked toward a bush and they all followed me. 

We then heard a scary growl coming from a large hole in the bush. We all stepped back in fear and then a giant bunny hopping out all cute and innocent. We all laughed together and then continued walking along taking in everything around us. 

We then saw two women who looked like twins but felt more like mother and daughter. They were sitting on a white deck with very nice patio furniture. They welcomed us to the land and told us how amazing it was here and how lucky we were to have found it. They were very happy to live in their crazy little paradise. 

We went inside this clean and simple hotel-like room and set down luggage like we had been traveling for days and finally arrived..... Then the dream ended.

              This dream had many different visuals but when reading it I got a general sense of a tone of colors! I tried to represent that feeling in each color. Each color represents a certain part of the dream or feeling the dream gave me. 

Color 1 - The first color is the general color of the "Avatar-like" field that we landed in from the clouds.
Color 2 - This was very close to the first color but just darker for the scary noises that come from the large bush.
Color 3 - The blue is representation of the clouds as we came down from the sky and entered the dream.
Color 4 - The pale tan color was for the dancing mere-cat herd.
Color 5 - The darker tan was also for the mere-cats but for the feeling of them following behind me.
Color 6 - The final grey-brown is for the sudden ending in the dream but not leaving uncomfortable feelings.
Bonus Color - Stark White - I couldn't show the white in the color scheme but it needed to be added because the deck and furniture that the women are sitting on felt very important.

This is something anyone can do! Write down your dream and create a color scheme from it. Use it to make a meaningful painting for your bedroom or to pick out your outfit for the day. I believe we have dreams to guide us and show us things that are hiding in our subconscious. This is just one way to use the wonderful information your mind has given to you while asleep. 

Well there you have it! Another week, another color scheme. How are you guys enjoying it? Has anyone had any dreams that they have written down lately? Have you tried this yourself? Let me know in the comments below and maybe I can make a color scheme of one of your dreams! Don't forget to subscribe and everyone have a wonderfully inspiring day!

Until Tomorrow - Dream Away
Samantha Menzo

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  1. Love the theme for today! Thank you for featuring our dream blocks! :)

    1. Thank you for checking out the blog! I have fun with my Friday posts!!

      Your Etsy shop was so cute and the dream blocks fit right in with today's post.
      Love artists supporting other artists!

      Have a great day!
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